Map of Canning Town, EcCeL and City Airport with allTransport Connections
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LUKE’S SQ TURNER ST BRIARY COURT ST GORSE CL AVE NOTTINGHAM COLMAN RD RD ILKEY  RD BURLEY  RD OTLEY       RD BINGLEY       RD RIPLEY         RD TREE       RD DEVONSHIRE RD HOSKINS    CL    HOSKINS    CL    BAXTER RD RD ROYAL RD LEYES KING    GEORGE    AVE    KING GEORGE    AVE    RANDOLPH  APPROACH THROCKMORTEN   RD    GRESHAM RD YOUNG RD WILKINSON ATKINSON RD ATKINSON RD ATKINSON  RD RD CROOMBS CROOMBS RD LAWSON CL FULMER RD FULMER RD WOODCOCKS WOODCOCKS MONARCH  DRIVE VANBRUGH  CL LONG MARK RD BECK  RD ALESTAN RD HIGH MEADS TEAL CL RD JASPER DRIVE HOUSE RICHARD JADE CL RD ALLHALLOWS GDNS LINTON OLIVER GDNS RD NORTHUMBERLAND RD KIRKHAM RD REMINGTON GDNS ANDREWES RD BARRY RD DUNNOCK DOVE APPROACH SWAN APPROACH LOVAGE  APPROACH BRADLEY  STONE  RD LEAMOUTH  RD NEATSCOURT        RD TULIP CL IRE- LAND  CL SAGE CL BONDFIELD RD MAVIS             WALK JUNIPER  LA JUNIPER  LA WAVERLEY  GDNS BEACONS  CL ABBESS  CL GREENWICH  CRESC GREENWICH  CRESC PINTAIL  CL KESTREL  AVE OSPREY  CL MITCHELL MITCHELL WALK WALK CHETWOOD WALK HADLEIGH WALK LINDWOOD  CL ELMLEY  CL CHARDWELL  CL BURLINGTON  CL DUNDONALD  CL OAKLEY  CL ASHWELL  CL AMBROSE CL BOWERS WALK COWAN  CL LATHAM CL SELBY  CL DENNY  CL WOODHATCH  CL GREENCROFT  CL CRAYFORD  CL MAPLECROFT  CL ROOK WALK HAWKSMOOR  CL FRASER  CL WOODGET  CL MONCRIEFF  CL ROBSON  CL SALTLEY  CL WAY RUSSELL JAKE RD GUILDFORD BUTTER- FILED  SQ HARPER RD COVENTRY CL BOULTWOOD RD YORK  CL YORK  CL CHICHESTER CL WINCHESTER CL CHELMS- FORD CL PARTRIDGE CL HICKMAN  CL GIRALDA  CL ST. MICHAELS  CL ST. MICHAELS  CL SATANITA  CL BROADGATE  RD MEADOW- SWEET CL CONGREVE WALK COLMAN  RD JERSEY  RD HUME  TERR WALK SARK WALK PEACOCK SOPHIA  RD OYSTER  CATCHERS CL RINGLET  CL BEEBY  RD VANGUARD CL AVE LOWE SUMMERDALE  COURT SUMMERDALE  COURT MILLEN- NIUM  CL GADWALL CL RUSTIC WALK HARTINGTON HARTINGTON RD RD TALLIS  CL BETTS  RD CHAUNTLER  CL CUNDY   RD FORTIS  CL ALNWICK  RD ALNWICK  RD ALNWICK  RD PRINCE OF  WALES RD FELSTED CASPIAN  WALK ANDOVER  AVE BERING  WALK BERING  WALK SAIGASSO  CL RD WALK TASMAN BERING  WALK CASPIAN  WALK CASPIAN  WALK OPAL   CL   AGATE   CL   CL   EMERALD   JADE   CL   BOTHWELL  CL McDOWALL CL CL FOX REED CL ST. THOMAS  RD ST. JOHN’S        RD RD SCOULDING THORNE    CL THORNE  CL OZOLINS   WAY   TRINITY  ST FORMUNT  CL PACIFIC RD PARAGON  CL IVY RD CREDITON RD HANDS  WALK HANDS WALK BURRARD  RD PHEASANT  CL WIDGEON  CL GOLDEN  PLOVER CL KERRY  CL KERRY  CL NORMANDY TERR IBOTSEN  AVE TANT AVE BURKE  ST CHEDWORTH CL OAK CRESC MAUD DOCKSIDE RD FESTOON WAY FESTOON WAY FESTOON  WAY DOCKSIDE  RD LYNX  WAY LYNX  WAY EASTERN LA GATEWAY BOAT QUAY SANDSTONE WATERFRONT EXCEL EXCEL MARINA ROYAL VICTORIA SQ ROYAL VICTORIA SQ WESTERN   GATEWAY WESTERN GATEWAY SEAGULL City Island ORCHARD PL DOCK RD RD WOOLWICH NORTH SCARAB  CL SCARAB  CL LA BELL PARKER ST RD DREW WHYTES   RD SAVILLE   RD LEONARD   ST HOLT RD LORD ST TATE  RD TATE  RD MUIR  ST MUIR     ST BEN TILLET  CL RAWSTHORNE  CL DREW RD PARKER   CL CONSTANCE ST DREW RD CAMEL     RD WOOLWICH        RD ORIENTAL RD NORTH FACTORY RD RD THAMES RD WARDS   WHARF   APPROACH BURT RD CHARLES  ST BARRIER              POINT             RD BRADFIELD MILL RD RD KNIGHT’S KNIGHT’S RD            BARRIER POINT RD RD RD FORT ST RAYLEIGH RD ST BOXLEY EVELYN WESLEY AVE HANAMEEL ST AVE HANOVER BRITANNIA GATE BADMINTON MEWS GATCOMBE RD HARDY AVE KEATS AVE CONSTABLE AVE FAIRFAX MEWS SOUTHEY MEWS DE QUINCEY MEWS CAPULET MEWS FITZWILLIAM MEWS DALEMAIN MEWS HOLYROOD MEWS CHARLES FLEMWELL MEWS TOM JENKINSON RD BEAULIEU AVE CHARLES  WINCHUP RD AUDLEY DRIVE JULIA GARFILELD MEWS   PANKHURST AVE AMY’S  CL PIRIE ST WESTWOOD RD KENNACRAIG CL WEST MERSEA CL RAMSGATE CL SOUTHAMPTON  MEWS PORTSMOUTH  MEWS THAMES PATH PEPYS  CRESC Royal           Victoria        Dock Royal           Albert        Dock King George  V Dock Pontoon  Dock London City  Airport School School School Youth Centre Community Centre School School Community Centre School School School YMCA College School School Library Cycle Speedway Track School Community Centre School Rathbone Market Carpet Right Wickes A1020 A1020 A1020 A1020 A1020 A1020 A1020 A1011 A1011 A1011 A1020 A1020 A112 A112 A112 A112 A112 A112 A13 A13 B164 ST River  Lea River                   Thames Bow Creek SILVERTOWN WAY SILVERTOWN SILVERTOWN WAY VIADUCT NORTH WOOLWICH RD CONNAUGHT BRIDGE CONNAUGHT BRIDGE WAY ROYAL ROYAL ALBERT ALBERT CONNAUGHT ROUNDABOUT RD DOCK VICTORIA HARTMANN CONNAUGHT RD CONNAUGHT   RD ALBERT RD LA REGENT PRINCE RD FREEMASONS RD STANSFELD STRAIT RD TOLLGATE RD RD RD MUNDAY RD TARLING RD ROGERS RUSCOE RD RADLAND RD RD APPLEBY JUDE ST GEORGE ST HALLSVILLE RD BARKING WAY NEWHAM LOWER     LEA     CROSSING BARKING   RD BARKING   RD BIRCH CL STEPHENSON  ST EDMUND HALLEY WAY PILOT  BUS       WAY WEST PARKSIDE EAST PARKSIDE RD VICTORIA CAXTON   STREET  NORTH DOCK TIDAL BASIN RD PETO            STREET  NORTH TIDAL BASIN    RD ROYAL ALBERT WAY ROYAL ALBERT ROUNDABOUT ST VINCENT LA AIRPORT ROUNDABOUT 100m 200m 300m 400m 500m BARKING NEWHAM BIRCH CL SILVERTOWN RUSCOE ROGERS RADLAND MUNDAY SILVERTOWN LOWER     LEA     CROSSING VIADUCT DOCK ExCeL & International Convention Centre London Novotel Crowne Plaza Hotel Double Tree by Hilton Aloft Hotel Premier Inn CONNAUGHT BRIDGE REGENT PRINCE FREEMASONS STANSFELD TOLLGATE RD Beckton District Park The Will Thorne Pavilion Richard House Children’s Hospice ROYAL ALBERT STRAIT Royal           Albert        Dock King George  V Dock London City  Airport CONNAUGHT RD ALBERT HARTMANN NORTH WOOLWICH Thames Barrier Park Thames Flood Barrier Lyle Park The O2 Royal           Victoria        Dock Holiday Inn Express GEORGE ST JUDE HALLSVILLE RD APPLEBY TIDAL BASIN    VICTORIA ROYAL ALBERT WAY London Regatta Centre Travelodge The David Beckham Academy EDMUND HALLEY WAY Cycle Speedway Track Newham City Farm Royal Victoria Docks Watersports Centre NORTH WOOLWICH                             ROUNDABOUT ST NEWLAND Keir Hardie Estate RD WAY A124 MANOR            RD MANOR            RD CS3 CS3 CS3 Brick Lane Music Hall A112 Ibis Styles Ibis Styles Ibis Hotel ROYAL CREST AVE AVE CREST ROYAL ROYAL CREST AVE STARBOARD WAY ADMIRALTY                 AVE STARBOARD WAY CUNNINGHAM           AVE CORINTHIAN SQ ROPE TERR REGALIA CL JOHN HARRISON SQ SCHOONER     RD NAUTICAL DRIVE SCHOONER     RD CABLE  ST BONNET  ST CLIPPER ST SHIPWRIGHT ST ROYAL WHARF WALK BONNET  ST Royal Wharf BRAMWELL WAY THAMES BOOTH RD THAMES RD Royal Wharf Pier MANDARIN   ST LASCARS          AVE  Newham Council Offices Hampton by Hilton Moxy Hotel Travelodge Holiday Inn Express pdf Point at Info tags for more information and click on bus route or station labels for time table information For a larger scale view and zoom facilities please  click on this link for the same map in pdf format  N Royal Victoria Docks Watersports Centre 474 474 474 473 474 473 473 474 474 474 474 147 N551 N551 300 300 300 300 300 376 376 262 108 115 309 323 N550 N15 N551 108 129 132 161 422 486 472 188 108 108 129 132 161 422 486 472 473 147 N551 300 300 376 188 108 473 300 678 678 678 678 ©2010 Michael Strauss. Map contains Ordnance Survey data ©Crown copyright and database right 2011 325 473 474 474 473 474 473 473 474 147 241 N551 147 241 N551 147 241 N551 147 241 N551 147 241 N551 474 474 147 241 N551 241 N551 147 241 N551 147 147 241 N551 147 N551 325 678 473 300 325 678 241 325 678 241 325 678 5 108 147 300 309 323 330 N550 69 147 N15 115 241 474 N551 5 69 330 241 474 300 115 N15 London City Airport DLR Woolwich Arsenal -  Bank & Stratford International Pontoon Dock DLR Woolwich Arsenal -  Bank & Stratford International DLR Woolwich Arsenal -  Bank & Stratford International West Silvertown DLR Woolwich Arsenal -  Bank & Stratford International Royal Victoria DLR Beckton -  Tower Gateway &  Stratford International Custom House for ExCeL (West) DLR Beckton -  Tower Gateway &  Stratford International DLR Beckton -  Tower Gateway &  Stratford International Royal Albert DLR Beckton -  Tower Gateway &  Stratford International Canning Town DLR Beckton -  Tower Gateway &  Stratford International Prince Regent  for ExCeL (East) and ICC LONDON LOCAL AREAS PUBLIC TRANSPORT MAPS for continuation see Woolwich map  for continuation see Greenwich map  Map of Public Transport Connections for Canning Town, ExCeL & London City Airport including Silvertown, Custom House & West Beckton (click on bus route numbers / train line / river bus labels for timetable information) Emirates Air-Line North Station Emirates Air-Line South Station Emirates Air-Line Cable Car Link
Map updated January 2020
(Elizabeth Line from 2021)
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