Map of Wood Green and Turnpike Lane with all Transport Connections
LONDON LOCAL AREAS PUBLIC TRANSPORT MAPS Other Transport Maps Custom Maps Area Transport Maps Point at Info tags for more information and click on bus route or station labels for time table information For a larger scale view and zoom facilities please  click on this link for the same map in pdf format pdf GLADSTONE        AVE GLADSTONE AVE AVE AVE AVE FARRANT MORLEY MOSELLE VINCENT RD RD SALISBURY DARWIN RD RD MARK AVE AVE AVE MAURICE AVE RUSSELL HEWITT LYMINGTON CRESC ASHLEY RD PELHAM RD NOEL    PARK BURY RD RD WHYMARK       AVE COBHAM RD WILLINGDON MEADS RD LAKEFIELD RD SANDLINGS THE WESTBEECH RD RD CARLINGFORD LANGHAM  RD GRAHAM  RD LANGHAM PL RD MANNOCK WAY IVATT FROME RD SIRDAR RD BOUNDARY HAWKE PARK RD RD RUSPER           RD RD MILTON WILLOW  WALK STANMORE WALDECK RD RD MARLEY CLOSE PARADE ST. MARGARET’S AVE HARRINGAY RD STANLEY RD HALLAM      RD RD PARK HARRINGAY GDNS MOUNTVIEW CT COLINA MEWS KINGSWOOD MEWS GLENWOOD  RD CLARENDON RD ALBANY CL AVONDALE RD ANSTEY  WALK DOVECOTE AVE GLADSTONE MEWS WELLESLEY RD COOMBE RD RUSSELL RD CRANBROOK PARK ST. ALBAN’S  CRESC  GATHORNE  RD  BERNERS RD PELLATT  PELLATT GROVE  GROVE  PROGRESS  WAY  GROVE  EWART  STUART  CRESC  WILLIAMS GROVE  WINKFIELD  RD  BRACKNELL   CL  OLYMPUS  GROVE  CROWN CL  BRACKNELL CL  RD  ACACIA  DUNBAR  RD  SOLWAY   RD  LEITH       RD  BERWICK   RD  FORFAR   RD  STERLING     RD  DOUGLAS RD  PARK VIEW GDNS STERLING RD RD  ELDON  RD  GRANVILLE  MELROSE AVE  SAXON RD  PAISLEY RD  HOMECROFT RD NORMAN AVE ELLENBOROUGH RD  ERIN MEWS  ELM  RD  LIBERTY MEWS  RD  KINGS  CRESC  NEWHAM    RD  CANNING  CHAPMAN GREEN HIGHFIELD CL RIVERSDALE GDNS RD  TRINITY  PARTRIDGE WAY  FINSBURY RD  COMMERCE  RD  NEVILLE PL IMPERIAL  RD  EASTERN RD  NORTHCOTT AVE CORNWALL  AVE  BRAEMAR           AVE  BRIDGE  RD  DORSET  RD  ST. MICHAEL’S TERR  TERRICK RD ALEXANDRA  PARK  RD  SELBORNE  RD  RANELAGH   RD  WOLSELEY RD  CUMBERLAND  RD  WARBERRY RD  RINGSLADE RD  WATSONS RD  RIVER PARK RD  BRADLEY  RD  BARRATT  AVE  RD  PARKLAND  CAXTON  RD  BRABANT  RD  JACK BARNETT  WAY  TOWER TERR  RD  COBURG  WESTERN  RD  WESTERN  RD  CLARENDON  RD  BROOK  RD  RIDINGS  BITTERN PL  QUICKSILVER  PL  STATION  RD  MAYES RD  PARK  MALVERN  RD  MARTINS  WALK  ARNOLD BENNETT WAY  BRAMPTON PARK RD COURCY  RD  COLERAINE  RD  BURGHLEY  RD  WALDEGRAVE   RD  LYTTLETON  RD  VERNON RD  RAVENSTONE    RD  THE     AVENUE  CLARENDON             RD  NEW  RIVER  AVE  CHADWELL             LA  GREAT    AMWELL  LA  CROSS    LA  MYDDELTON  RD  CAMPSBOURNE        RD  PEMBROKE  RD  BOYTON  RD  BOYTON   CL  CAMPSBOURNE  RD  MILES RD  MILES RD  MOSELLE CL  ELM CT  NEWLAND  RD  CAMPSFIELD RD  PENSTOCK FOOTPATH  PENSTOCK FOOTPATH  EASTFIELD  RD  BROOK                     RD  RECTORY  GDNS  THE CAMPSBOURNE  NIGHTINGALE  LA  NORTH VIEW RD  SOUTH VIEW RD  HAWTHORN RD  BEECHWOOD  RD  GISBURN   RD  RIBBLESDALE   RD  TEMPLE RD  HILLFIELD  AVE  GLEBE  RD  FERRESTONE  RD  HAROLD  RD  LIGHTFOOT  RD  MINSTER WALK  LIGHTFOOT  RD  LIGHTFOOT  RD  HARINGEY  RD  GROVE HOUSE  RD  BIRKBECK  RD  ST. MARY’S  RD  HILLFIELD  MEWS  OAK   AVE  ASHFORD  AVE  CRANFORD  WAY  RATHCOOLE  AVE  HAMPDEN  RD  DENMARK  RD  THE MEWS  WILLOUGHBY  RD SYDNEY    RD RALEIGH RD HAMPDEN                 RD LAUSANNE RD FROBISHER RD RD FALKLAND FAIRFAX RD EFFINGHAM RD HARINGEY                    PASSAGE                                                                         A105 A1080 B138 A105 A105 A105 A109 A109 A504 A504 A103 A103 A504 B138 B151 B151 B151 Library  Shopping City Civic Centre  School  School  School  School  School  The Decorium  Bus Garage  Cinema  School  School  School  School  Academy  School  School  School  School  Crown Court  Cinema  Olympia Industrial Estate Gas Works Filter Beds Reservoir New River New River New River Priory Park Duckett’s Common Belmont Recreation Ground  Recreation Ground  Nightingale Gardens  Avenue Gardens  Alexandra Park  Playing Field  Cricket Ground  Playing Field  Recreation Ground  Noel Park  Hornsey P P P P School  Railway Depot   Wood Green Common GUILLEMOT PL  SILSOE  RD   Wood Green MARY  NEUNER  RD HIGH RD HIGH RD GREEN LANES THE BROADWAY CHEAPSIDE WESTBURY AVE LA TURNPIKE ST HIGH TURNPIKE LA GREEN WEST RD ALFOXTON  AVE WORDSWORTH LORDSHIP LA BOUNDS GREEN RD LA TOTTENHAM CHURCH LA    STATION RD RD STATION BUCKINGHAM    RD BRIDGE RD PALACE GATES RD     BEDFORD      RD        ALEXANDRA  PALACE  WAY WHITE HART LA RD PERTH DUNBAR RD BULLER  RD REDVERS         RD MIDDLE LA   PARK AVE MAYES RD PARK RD HORNSEY WIGHTMAN RD ALEXANDRA RD HIGH ST CARLINGFORD  RD Wood Green Station, Piccadilly Line Piccadilly Line Turnpike Lane Station, Piccadilly Line, Piccadilly Line Hornsey Station, First Capital Connect, Alexandra Palace Station, First Capital Connect, Great Northern Welwyn Garden City Letchworth Garden City Hertford North - Kings Cross / Moorgate H&R bus N29 29 bus 121 bus 184 bus 217 bus 221 bus 231 bus 232 bus 329 bus 444 bus 617 230 221 232 329 bus W4 N91 bus 41 W3 bus N41 29 67 41 230 329 W4 141 N41 N29 184 232 121 217 221 444 617 144 231 bus 144 bus N91 41 N41 N91 41 N41 N91 144 W3 144 N29 29 141 41 N41 67 230 W4 184 184 184 221 221 N91 N91 W4 144 243 144 243 Great Northern Welwyn Garden City Letchworth Garden City Hertford North - Kings Cross / Moorgate 221 141 329 W4 W4 141 329 141 329 N29 N91 N29 N29 121 232 121 232 121 232 629 629 629 W3 W3 W3 W3 184 W3 W3 123 67 230 243 629 29 121 67 123 141 144 184 217 231 444 617 123 123  N Map of Public Transport Connections in the Wood Green & Turnpike Lane Areas (click on bus route numbers / train line labels for timetable information) 100m 200m 300m 400m 500m ©2009 Michael Strauss. Map contains Ordnance Survey data ©Crown copyright  and database right2011 for continuation see Harringay map 
June 2019
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